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Mar 29, 2013 2:00pm PDT
was crucified. >> kim jong un has ordered north korean market forces on standby to strike the united states and south korea. the u.s. secretary of defense has denounced the provocative action. >> he met with top military leaders and ordered the preparation that to two u.s. stealth bombers flew over south korea. the north korean military has staged a massive rally in support of the operation to prepare for a massive attack. >> thousands accounting "death to the u.s. imperialists cornerman after a call to arms against south korea and the united states. over the border in south korea, many are worried p'yongyang might act on its debts. there's been a string of worrying signs, including the latest nuclear test in february. tendons on the peninsula are high. >> i am nervous. i do not want north korea to talk like that, but we cannot control them. i am afraid they target the u.s. if that happens, we could be attacked, too. >> north korea is taking a strong stance, but they do not think they are going to get anywhere with this behavior. i think they have to come to the negotiating table for talks.
Mar 10, 2013 2:30pm PDT
korea and the u.s. the north accused them of preparing an attack. kim jong-un was shown visiting front-line military unites. pyongyang said they canceled the 1953 armistice agreement ending the korean war. >> bulgaria and romania had another delay in their efforts to join the zone, an end to border control for bulgarians and romanians to western europe. germany said it would block the two country's entry. peter frederick cited organized crime, and austria also voiced objections. >> a court in italy sentenced one yearrlusconi ti one yeao in prison. he was found guilty of publsihin hing wiretaps. the charges will expire before the hearings are complete. he will face charges of tax fraud and sex with an underage prostitute. >> leaders from latin american gathered in venezuela to bid goodbye to hugo chavez. the president of belarus was invited to join the guard of nejad.with amadejad. it wil lbl be embalmed and put on permanent dispaly folay r the venezuelans who want to show respect. maduro was sworn in -- criticized by the opposition on constitutional grounds. he has called for immediate
Mar 30, 2013 2:30pm PDT
business. they pledged to defend kim jong- un to the death, and the marshall rehtorihetoric escalatd by the day. state tv announced that pyongyang said they will treat all matters with wartime protocol. panic at the latest threats. >> the south koreans are not that nervous. many times. this breakt think worarwar will out. north korea would collapse and i don't think they will commit suicide. >> they could hit targets as far as alaska but it is likely pyongyang is working to build support for the young leader. they will shut down a shared industrial zone if the "insulting rhetoric" continues, but south koreans doubt this as it would cut off finances for the impoverished state. >> we spoke to justin strother in seoul and asked him how seriously we should take this. >> north korea's threats can't be completely ignored -- and south korea is on alert as they have joint military drills. north korea's threats are harsher but what thye'rey're hoping is there is a provocative action where pyongyang could justify force. but seoul is not blinking so far. >> italy's president giorgio napolitano
Mar 31, 2013 2:30pm PDT
of kim jong-un among sparked alarm, and china, their ally, urged restraint. >> this serves the common interests of all parties and also responsibilities. we hope that relevant parties will work together in pushing for a turnaround of a tense situation. >> the north korean war talk has especially unsettled people in the south, but some see it as a bluff. taking akorea is strong stance, but i do not think they will get anywhere with this behavior. i think they have to come to the negotiation table for talks. doubt northexperts korea has the capability to hit targets on the u.s. mainland or pacific territories, but u.s. bases in south korea are within range. >> good friday ceremonies in rom where held for the first time by pope francis. they were joining him for the way of the cross which will, commemorating the final hours of jesus between his sentencing and crucifixion. many of the prayers focused on the plight of christians in the middle east and expressed hopes of peace. at st. peter's basilica, pope francis reminded worshipers of the suffering of christ. he underscored the message w
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4